Reality VaultMy passion starts with a love of history and theology. As anyone who has studied either knows, you can’t dig into one without turning up the other and then you find yourself up to your neck in science, archaeology, myth, theory, social issues, economics…and politics!

Yes! You can actually start a historical or theological search and gallop through science, archaeology, myth, theory, social issues and economics to arrive shell-shocked at politics. If fear of the unknown is the mother of religion then Politics is its daddy.

Politics, wherever we find it, can be properly defined as Plot-a-tics, because that is the essence of what it is; everybody, that would be the Poly-tics-ians, plotting!

We find ourselves as We The People, and as a nation, faced with historical battles being fought amongst the ideologies of two opposing sets of ideals regarding how the whole planet should be governed and controlled. I’m worried that I see a not so distant past piece of history playing itself out on a global scale.

The goal is Globalism, totalitarian control of every resource on the planet and that includes you and me. The steps are two: get all the money, use it to buy all the power.

Through the Reality Vault I hope to bring these important events to focus. They all bear on who we are and our perception of who we’re supposed to become. I think it is imperative that all individuals keep themselves informed about what’s happening now, right now, on the globe we occupy, that affects our lives, liberties and freewill.

The planet is littered with ‘leaders’ from countries, commerce and ideologies all vying for the Keys to the Kingdom; the subjugation of the many into the hands of the few; a nobility for the few, serfdom for the many.

The intent behind these articles, essays and observations, citations, critiques and contributions, rebuttals and refutations, is to bring to your attention the issues that affect the bottom line of who wins the battle for Global Control. Will it be the totalitarian hegemony of the few, or the constitutional, freedom-loving and anti-serfdom many?

Freedom is not free. It is a constant struggle against those who want to subdue you.

Presently, the Western Civilization – and The United States of America in particular – is being maneuvered between the anvil of Progressivism and the hammer of Elitism.

If you’re not aware of it, wake up! Reality is happening and you can’t fight what you’re not aware of.

I love my country and believe the Constitution for the United States and the Declaration of Independence are the greatest hope and aspiration of mankind. I come by that belief both honestly and inherently.

I’m the 7th great-niece of George Ross, PA, signer of the Declaration of Independence. His sister, Mary Ross, was my 7th great-grandmother being married to my 7th great-grandfather, Colonel Mark Bird of Birdsboro, PA. I’m also the 7th great-niece of James Wilson, signer of the Declaration as well as one of the Framers and Founding Fathers and signers of the Constitution. He was married to Mark’s youngest sister, Rachel Bird, my 7th great-aunt. And if that’s not enough, I’m also the 7th great-niece of George Read, DE, signer of the Declaration and Constitution, through his marriage to another of George Ross’s sisters, my 7th great-aunt Gertrude Ross Read.

Among the leaders of the revolutionary movements, which would result in independence, were her ironmasters, including my 7th great-grandfather, Colonel Mark Bird, the owner and ironmaster of Hopewell Furnace, now a National Historic Site. He served as both Militia Colonel and as a Deputy Quartermaster General supplying George Washington’s forces, both before and during their stay at Valley Forge. Hopewell alone produced 115 cannon for the Continental Navy, some of which were used aboard the frigate Randolph and gunboat Delaware. Even more importantly, Hopewell provided shot and shell to the Continental Army and Navy throughout the war, including 10-inch mortar shells used to help win the final major battle at Yorktown, Virginia.

He was unable to collect the money due him from the bankrupt Continental Congress which led to his ruin, like so many others of those responsible for our nations independence. I would say he pledged his Life, Fortune and Sacred Honor.

With a lineup like that, could anyone blame me for wishing I could have been sitting under the oaks at the Sunday afternoon gatherings listening to the conversations they were having about the Founding of the Greatest Nation on the planet?!

See Hopewell Furnace in the American Revolution for a more in-depth look at the contribution of my family to our nation.

Gail L Bird Allen

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