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Globalist Imperial Network

Anne Marie Slaughter Chatham House

Globalist Imperial Network Tony Cartalucci July 30, 2011 The mechanics of world empire, in particular the current corporate-financier oligarchy has been examined in great detail. The US State Department, supporting NGOs funded directly by both US taxpayers’ money as well as funds from the Fortune 500 corporations they serve, alone constitute a global spanning, […] Read more

The Pesky Neighbor and the Debt Ceiling

Ron Paul Congressman 14th District of Texas

The Pesky Neighbor and the Debt Ceiling by Ron Paul July 25, 2011 Imagine you had a pesky neighbor who somehow took out a mortgage on his house in your name and by some legal trickery you were obligated to pay for it. Imagine watching this neighbor throw drunken parties, buy expensive cars, add more […] Read more

Simply put, Timothy Geithner stole the money

Federal Reserve Bank New York

YOU GOING TO SIT ON YOUR BUTTS; OR: DEMAND CHANGE and MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE or PUT THEM OUT OF OFFICE Posted By: watcher51445 Date: Saturday, 23-Jul-2011 14:22:54 From July 22, 2011 “White Hats Reports #23: The Rumor Mill News Reading Room   We can only do so much if the people of the United States […] Read more

Why Are ALL the Archbishops Being Called to Rome from Oct. 10 through Oct. 24 2011?


WHY ARE ALL THE ARCHBISHOPS BEING CALLED TO ROME FROM 10.10 THROUGH 10-24?? Posted By: Rayelan Date: Monday, 25-Jul-2011 22:09:01 The Rumor Mill News Reading Room   Received from John DiNardo who received it from someone he knows. John left the email intact but I removed it. Here is the message: I am a layperson […] Read more

Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087 AGAIN Offers U.S. Government Her Help

Certificate Of Indebtedness Of Peru No.181

THE WAY OUT OF DEBT CRISIS: PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW: A BANKING WAR IS GOING ON AGAINST THE U.S. FED.: IT’S TIME TO CLEAN UP Posted By: watcher51445 (Ms. V.K. Durham (VKD)) Date: Tuesday, 26-Jul-2011 08:36:53 The Rumor Mill News Reading Room   Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087 has the ability to issue […] Read more

The Secret of Oz – The History of Banking by Bill Still

Bill Still Reporter Widgets by Gail L Bird Allen The Secret of Oz, written and directed by Bill Still won the BIFF Beloit International Film Festival 2010 Best Documentary and was also awarded the Yosemite Film Festival Silver Sierra Award for 2009. This excellent video documentary puts the history of money and our banking system right in your face with a wealth of […] Read more

Why the Greatest Depression of All Time Has Begun

Planned_Economy_or_Planned_Destruction - ChicagoTribune_1934

Reported June 3, 2011 By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee I am a successful small businessman and a patriot who loves America and always sees its greatness. I am also an optimistic, positive thinker who always sees the glass half full. But not this time. I predicted doom if Obama was elected. […] Read more

Exopolitics and the Human Genome Project

DNA Breakdown

by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D The online Canadian National newspaper recently began publishing a series of articles reporting the scientific discovery of extraterrestrial genes in human DNA. There is much evidence to support genetic ‘upgrades’ of human DNA at various points in human evolution by extraterrestrials. This makes it very important to demarcate between exopolitical research on […] Read more

Corruption of Science in America


Corruption of Science in America by Laura Knight-Jadczyk The corruption of science is one of the biggest problems our world has ever faced; it may, indeed, bring about the extinction of the human race. That prospect scares me and it should scare you. But more than being scared, my heart has been broken by the […] Read more

How Globalism Has Destroyed Our Jobs, Businesses And National Wealth In 10 Easy Steps

How Globalism Has Destroyed Our Jobs Businesses And National Wealth

As Posted on The American Dream How Globalism Has Destroyed Our Jobs, Businesses And National Wealth In 10 Easy Steps As most Americans stand around waiting for the U.S. economy to return to “normal”, there is a never ending parade of jobs, businesses and wealth heading out of the United States.  The jobs and businesses that […] Read more